Monday, November 15, 2010


Plastikman - Consumed (1998)

1. Contain
2. Consume
3. Passage (In)
4. Cor ten
5. Convulse (Sic)
6. Ekko
7. Converge
8. Locomotion
9. In side
10. Consumed
11. Passage (Out)

Massive Attack - Protection (1998)

1. Angel
2. Risingson
3. Teardrop
4. Inertia creeps
5. Exchange
6. Dissolved girl
7. Man next door
8. Black milk
9. Mezzanine
10. Group four
11. (Exchange)

Slowdive - Souvlaki (1993)

1. Allison
2. Machine gun
3. 40 days
4. Sing
5. Here she comes
6. Souvlaki space station
7. When the sun hits
8. Altogether
9. Melon yellow
10. Dagger


The Question said...

Hey, when you're not going crazy packing for Miami want to forward these albums to me? I passed out halfway through Consumed. :/

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