Wednesday, November 19, 2008


With the end of November approaching, Toronto is now just a mere month away! My sister and I for the last several years have attended Toronto for NYE and we are now trying to make it a tradition. With the numbers growing each year, this year hopes to be the best and most rewarding. We are taking people who have been with us in year's past and we are taking fresh fish as well. Why you ask, well the answer lies within the Social. Possibly one of the most unique nightclubs/bars that I have ever been to. Located in the heart of Queen West, the Social is very unique because right next door to it is the ever popular 69 Vintage, a very cool clothing boutique. Surrounded by art galleries, low end restaurants and gorgeous apartment and loft spaces, the Social is within walking distant for most patrons or a quick taxi ride across town. The inside has a very grimey, industrial feel with exposed pipes and fuse boxes, while also keeping a traditional lounge look to it. A lounge area with plush couches overlooks the small, but somewhat spacious dance floor. What I like most about the Social is the DJ booth is right smack dab in the center of it all at floor level, this gives a very interpersonal vibe that many patrons feel adds to the nostalgic and dynamic feel of the club. Aside from the architecture, the patrons and the staff are just beautiful people! While the general demographic is for the Toronto debutantes, many sneaker freakers tend to make their way in to add to the diversity of the club. My only complaint is that the ticket prices are absurd. We paid $50 last year and the year before to see Flosstradamus and Diplo. But this year is different, I mean we are talking about Kavinsky. So if anyone wants to go we have 10 tickets available and they are at a substantial discount, as well as a substantial discount on our hotel as well. Please get at me.

Video of the day

Kavinsky at the Social, June 7, 2007

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